Free Download VPN for PC (Windows – Mac) VPN for PC

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It means it makes your internet connection private so that no one can spy on you. Mostly, people use VPN because it protects the device from government agencies, ISPs, and cybercriminals. Basically, VPN hides the Actual IP address of the device and connect your device with the proxy server. In this way, no one can

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Free Download Troid VPN for PC (Windows – Mac)

Troid VPN for PC

TroidVPN is a free Android Proxy tool which protects your internet searches and data from hackers. This application hides all of your information and lets you browse safely on the internet. It provides free unlimited bandwidth by compressing the data and uses protocols such as ( UDP / TCP / ICMP). These are the fast site’s protocols in the network.

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Download Gulf Secure VPN for PC, Windows – Mac

Gulf Secure VPN for PC

Every Person has a full right to access each and everything which is present on the internet. Anyhow some private and government organization blocked the content in their country due to unfavorable circumstances. It may be good to stop the people who misuse the specific content. But for those students or professionals who used the blocked platform for research and

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Download BroView for PC, Windows 10 – Mac

BroView for PC

Security cams are the much-needed tools to improve our home and office security. People prefer them because they can keep eye on each and every corner whether they are at their workplace or home. Every day there are countless complaints gets registered on police stations related to theft or robbery. So people are shifting to CCTV camera usage for protection

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Download Eye4 For PC (Windows and Mac)

Eye4 For PC

Eye4 app manages IP cam over the internet. It is a remote video system which allows users to get the live feeding of the cam on their Android Smartphone. Basically, this app uses the IP address of cam and using an internet connection, it provides live streaming. This application works on WiFi or 3G and 4G networks. So make sure

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