Download PlexVPN for PC, Windows – Mac

PlexVPN for PC

Plex Inc. is the famous tool makers, there Plex Player is one of the most popular video players. Now PlexVPN has added another awesome tool to their Google Play Store profile. This time they have stepped into the VPN category. VPN tools usage is continuously increasing over the past few years.; Because many countries are taking steps to block many

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Download Scum Killing for PC on Windows-Mac

Scum Killing for PC

Scum Killing provides an astounding target killing portal which allows an individual to become a killing machine. It allows a player to become a sharp sniper shooter. Gamers will be provided with a number of tasks, these tasks will be of killing the real bad guys. Players will have to kill these bad guys and escape the place in order to

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Download MagentaTV for PC, Windows – Mac

MagentaTV for PC

Hey Germans, want some entertainment stuff from Playstore? Try the MagentaTV. Magneta TV is an entertainment app. Entertainment usually has copyrights issue. Because most of them provide the illegal streams. That’s why PlayStore removes them. Entertainment apps provide you the free streaming, most of them don’t demand a single penny from you. Few of them like Netflix, crackle are paid.

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Download XShare for PC, Windows – Mac

XShare for PC

Sharing and accessing is a necessary element in every department of life. Smartphone basic purpose is communication and sharing apps like XShare truly define it. Sharing, files, folders and other types of data is a requirement of every smartphone users. Before smartphones, people use features like infrared, Bluetooth, or memory cards. That was very much time taking process. Other option

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